Validation Conference Statistical Compendium

Statistical Compendium

The draft version of the ESeC has been used to generate a range of descriptive statistics relating to two years (1997 and 2003) and applied to two internationally comparable datasets, the European Community Household Panel Study (ECHP) and the European Union Labour Force Survey (EULFS).

Downloadable Excel Workbooks

Activity Status Last Year ECHPxls
Age Completed Education ECHPxls
Age Completed Education EULFSxls
Current Tenure EULFSxls
ECHP Distributionsxls
Educational Attainment EULFSxls
EULFS 1997 distributionsxls
EULFS 2003 distributionsxls
Forced to Leave last Job ECHPxls
Fringe Benefits ECHPxls
Hourly Earnings ECHPxls
Limiting Illness ECHPxls
Low Educational Attainment ECHPxls
Self Reported Health ECHPxls
Spell of Unemployment before Current Job ECHPxls
Temporary Employment EULFSxls
Unable to Make a Scheduled Paymentxls