NSI Conference download

Papers and Presentations Day One

TimePresenterTitlePresentationFull Paper
1100-1130RoseESeC: A Programme of statistical co-operation and harmonisation.ppt
1130-1200DaviesESeC in EU Statistical Sources.ppt
1330-1355Bauer, Jungblut, Weiss and WirthIssues in the Comparative Measurement of the Supervisory Function.ppt.pdf
1355-1420KunstUsing ESeC to Describe Health Inequalities in Europe.ppt
1420-1445WatsonClass and Poverty: Cross-sectional and dynamic analysis of income poverty and lifestyle deprivation.ppt.doc
1445-1510HarrisonUsing ESeC to look across and within classes.ppt
1530-1555Schizzerotto and BaroneClass of Origin and Educational Inequalities in Contemporary Italy.ppt.doc
1555-1620BrousseValidation Plans for the EseC with French statistical sources.ppt
1620-1645Bihagen and NermoClass schemas and employment relations: Comparing ESeC with EGP.ppt.doc

Papers and Presentations Day Two

TimePresenterCountryTitlePresentationFull Paper
0915-0930Birch and EliasUnited KingdomThe Review of ISCO88: A European perspective.ppt.doc
0930-0950KozlevcarSloveniaUsing ESeC in the LFS.ppt
0950-1010MeierSwitzerlandImplementing ESeC at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.ppt.doc
1010-1030Westerman and SchaartNetherlandsApplication of ESeC to data from the Dutch LFS: A comparison of years.ppt
1050-1110PaatsEstoniaApplication of ESeC in Estonian Social Surveys based on EU-SILC and LFS data.ppt
1110-1130Fabiankova and HolyCzech RepublicESeC and Gender.ppt.doc
1130-1150LindnerHungaryStructure of the Hungarian Population by ESeC using LFS.ppt.doc
1200-1220EhlingGermanyActivities to implement ESeC in Germany
1335-1355PoukkaFinlandOperationalising ESeC in Finnish statistical sources.ppt.doc
1355-1415DevirenUnited KingdomEuropean social classification: a validation exercise.ppt.doc
1415-1435Asling and HaldorsonSwedenThe Swedish and European Socio-economic Classifications compared.ppt
1435-1455HalandNorwayLabour Market Statistics – how to implement ESeC.ppt
1455-1515WolffFranceAn insight into responses to questions related to supervisory functions in French data sources since 1984.ppt
1530-1545De RuijterAO ConsultEuroccupations: a new FP6 project relevant to ESeC.ppt
1545-1600JouhetteEurostatESeC as a core variable in social surveys? Next Steps.ppt