Work Package 14

Work package description

Startdate or starting eventMonth 13
Activity Type1Demonstration
Person-months per participant0.


To assist participant EU new member states in applying the ESeC to their own national statistical sources.

Description of work

New member states have made much progress in recent years in the implementation of ISCO88 within their national statistical sources. It will be fairly straightforward for them to apply the revised derivation matrices to their Labour Force Surveys and other household survey data sources. Each participating candidate country will be requested to prepare a specific set of tabulations relating to social indicators and derived from their national statistical sources.

These will then be critically assessed in a workshop devoted to the comparative analysis of socio-economic conditions in EU new member states.


A workshop for representatives from the EU new member states to present and discuss their results and a report assessing the extent to which new member states have applied the ESeC to national statistical sources in a valid manner, with recommendations on how the ESeC should be applied in these countries.

Milestones2 and expected result

Recommendations on the application of the ESeC in EU member states and new member states and possible adoption of ESeC by some new member states as their national socio-economic classification, especially those who use ISCO88 as their national occupational classification.

1 For STREPs/STIPs each WP must relate to one (and only one) of the following three possible Activity Types: RTD/Innovation activities, Demonstration activities, Management activities.

2 Milestones are points where major results have successfully been achieved as the basis for the next phase of work, or which serve as control points at which decisions are needed; for example concerning which of several technologies will be adopted as the basis for the next phase of the project.