How to Derive ESeC

To create ESeC, data on occupation and employment status are required.

An ESeC category is allocated by using a combination of:

  • Information about occupation coded to minor group level of ISCO88 (COM)
  • Information about employment status and size of organisation in the form of an employment status variable

The derived employment status variable is created by combining data on whether an individual is an employer, self-employed or an employee, size of organisation (where collected) and (other than for managers and professionals in ISCO major groups 1 and 2) supervisory status.

Although it is expected that the vast majority of users will use the syntax provided with this guide in order to derive ESeC, we also provide the ESeC derivation table on which the syntax is based. In what follows, we explain how ESeC has been derived for this table so that users are fully aware of the basis of the syntax. In each cell of the table is the class value, i.e. the typical employment relations for that combination of occupational group by employment status.