Work Package 12

Work package description

Start date or starting eventMonth 14
Activity Type 1RTD/innovation related
Participant id123456789
Person-months per participant0.>0.20.2


To review the evidence arising from Work packages 5 to 11 and to make proposals for refinement of the prototype ESeC prepared in Work package 4 in light of the validation reports.

Description of work

The UK partners will assess the evidence of the validation studies and produce a report for discussion which will take place together with the presentation of the results from work packages 5 to 11 at a project conference including consortium members, NSIs and invited academics. Any changes to be made to the prototype ESeC will be agreed at the conference and a final version produced following the conference.


A report reviewing the evidence from the validation studies, and a conference on the application and validation of the prototype ESeC for all partners, NSIs and invited academics.

A final version of the ESeC placed on the project website.

Milestones 2 and expected result

Agreement on the final format of the ESeC.

1 For STREPs/STIPs each WP must relate to one (and only one) of the following three possible Activity Types: RTD/Innovation activities, Demonstration activities, Management activities.

2 Milestones are points where major results have successfully been achieved as the basis for the next phase of work, or which serve as control points at which decisions are needed; for example concerning which of several technologies will be adopted as the basis for the next phase of the project.