ISER’s research mainly covers the social, economic and health of people living in the UK, Europe and, in certain instances, in other parts of the world. Whilst the subject matter is broad, there are some overarching key themes.

Values and preferences

Better understanding how our views and preferences are formed and change over time.

Social integration

Examining the integration of people with diverse backgrounds, abilities and preferences into society.

Growing up and ageing

Examining the role of parents, siblings, friends and the state in how children get on in life.

Methods and modelling

Examining existing and innovative methods to create and develop surveys and carry out robust research.

Families and friends

The changing face of the family, social networks and their effects.

Business and technology

Looking at the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the UK.

Income and employment

Explaining the impacts of a changing and challenging job market, family finances, welfare reform and saving for retirement.

Poverty and inequality

Developing a clearer picture of poverty and inequality, what leads people into it and the longer term impacts on their lives.

Health and wellbeing

Providing evidence on our health and happiness through our lives.

Education and skills

The returns to social skills in the labour market and the implications for employment and wage distribution, how young people acquire skills, and the role of the family in influencing gender differences in behaviours and outcomes

Ethnicity and migration

Ethnic inequalities in education and the labour market, intergenerational mobility, use of transnational data sources to allow comparisons across borders

Labour markets and institutions

How inequalities in living standards, and between-gender and within-household inequalities, are changing, including the role of policy


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