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ISER organises and hosts a wide range of conferences, workshops and events for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. It also provides training for researchers looking to access and analyse the British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society or make use of its tax and benefit model, Euromod. All ISER's events are listed here, or you can sign up to our bi-monthly email to keep posted on everything that’s coming up.

Upcoming events

EUROMOD workshop: Longitudinal and administrative data for distributional analyses

Presented by: Melissa Favreault (Urban Institute, US), Michael Wolfson (U. Ottawa, Canada), Roberto Leombruni (U. Torino, Italy),Peter Davis (U. Auckland, New Zealand),Gijs Dekkers (Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium,) Dave Pankhurst (DWP, UK), Matteo Richiardi (U. Essex, UK), Peter Haan (DIW, Germany), Davide Rasella (Federal University of Bahia, Brazil), Tom Waters (IFS, UK), Deborah Schofield (Macquerie University, Australia), Chris Bollinger (University of Kentucky, US), Matthew Wai-Poi (The World Bank, US), Salvatore Morelli (CUNY, US), Carsten Schroeder (DIW, Germany), Karen Smith (Urban Institute, US), Audun Langørgen (Statistics, Norway, Norway), Justin Van de Ven (NIESR, UK), Jukka Pirtilla (U. Helsinki, Finland), Maria Jouste (UNU-WIDER, Finland), Nora Lustig (Tulane University, US), Olivier Bargain (U. Bordeaux, France), Fabio Berton (U. Torino, Italy), Iva Tasseva (U. Essex, UK), André Decoster (KULeuven, Belgium), H. Xavier Jara (U. Essex, UK), David McLennan (SASPRI, South Africa), Alari Paulus (U. Essex, UK), Fidel Picos (JRC, Spain).

Venue: Wivenhoe House Hotel,Colchester.

Inequality and the very rich: what do we know?

Presented by: Mike Brewer, Professor of Economics at the University of Essex Robert Joyce, Deputy Director at the Institute for Fiscal Studies Karen Rowlingson, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham Andrew Summers, Assistant Professor of Law, London School of Economics

Venue: Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster, London SW1

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