Survey methodology

ISER is one of the leading centres in the world for survey methodology. The only place in Europe and one of only three in the world to offer a PhD in Survey Methodology, and an MSc in Survey Methods for Social Research, ISER is home to a team of specialist researchers and survey practitioners who are leaders in their field.

Led by Professor Annette Jäckle and Professor Peter Lynn, the team, which specialises in longitudinal studies like Understanding Society and international comparative studies like the European Social Survey, has close links with both the UK Longitudinal Studies Centre and the ESRC Research Centre for Micro-Social Change (MiSoC), and is uniquely placed to conduct, promote and teach survey methodology.

Its activities and expertise include:

  • Running the only survey methods experimental panel in the world, where effects of survey design and procedures may be observed through time
  • Methodological research of outstanding quality (Its methodological publications contributed to the University’s A* Research Assessment Exercise ratings in sociology and in economics)
  • A survey methods research group which includes experts on the complete range of survey methods topics, including sample design, mode effects, interviewer effects, nonresponse bias, attrition, data linkage, collection of biomarkers, measurement error and response quality, data collection using mobile apps, among others
  • Outstanding fully-funded study opportunities in a sector with excellent job opportunities and prospects


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