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Professor Peter Lynn Director of ISER, University of Essex

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Twitter: @ProfPeterLynn

Research Interests

Peter is Understanding Society Associate Director for Methodology and Chair of the European Social Survey Sampling and Weighting Panel. His research interests encompass all aspects of survey methodology, with a particular focus on methods for longitudinal surveys. Research-active topics include:

  • Sampling, weighting and estimation methods
  • Non-response and response maximisation techniques
  • Targeted and adaptive survey design
  • Mixed-mode survey design
  • Measurement errors in surveys

Latest Blog Posts


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    1. Methodological lessons from the pilot longitudinal survey on debt advice

      Oriol Bosch and Peter Lynn

      1. Survey Methodology
      2. Debt: Indebtedness
      3. Surveys
    2. Generalization of classic question order effects across cultures

      Tobias H. Stark, Henning Silber, Jon A. Krosnick, et al.

      1. Survey Methodology
      2. Sociology
    3. How Understanding Society: the UK Household Longitudinal Study adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic

      Jonathan Burton, Peter Lynn, and Michaela Benzeval

      1. Households
      2. Survey Methodology
      3. Health
      4. Surveys
      5. Covid 19
    4. Evaluating push-to-web methodology for mixed-mode surveys using address-based samples

      Peter Lynn

      1. Households
      2. Survey Methodology
    5. Methods for recruitment and retention

      Peter Lynn

    6. The representativeness of Understanding Society

      Michaela Benzeval, Christopher R. Bollinger, Jonathan Burton, et al.

    7. Longitudinal surveys - unique opportunities and unique methodological challenges

      Peter Lynn, Mick Couper, and Nicole Watson

      1. Survey Methodology
      2. Research
      3. Life Course Analysis
      4. Surveys
    8. Applying prospect theory to participation in a CAPI/web panel survey

      Peter Lynn

      1. Psychology
      2. Survey Methodology
    9. Can targeted cover letters improve participation in health surveys? Results from a randomized controlled trial

      Anne Illemann Christensen, Peter Lynn, and Janne Schurmann Tolstrup

      1. Survey Methodology
      2. Health
    10. The advantage and disadvantage of implicitly stratified sampling

      Peter Lynn

    11. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 11: results from methodological experiments

      Jonathan Burton, Roxanne Connelly, Mick P. Couper, et al.

    12. Item nonresponse rates and panel conditioning in a longitudinal survey among youth

      Aigul Mavletova and Peter Lynn

      1. Young People
      2. Households
      3. Survey Methodology
    13. Holocaust deniers, Venezuelan hyperinflation, Tinder likes

      Peter Lynn

    14. Tackling panel attrition

      Peter Lynn

    15. Challenges in conducting a new longitudinal study on children and young people well-being in the European Union

      Jessica Ozan, Gary Pollock, Haridhan Goswami, et al.

      1. Young People
      2. Well Being
      3. Surveys


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    1. When belief doesn’t translate to action: our twisted relationship with climate change

    2. How green are we?

    3. What makes us act green? London event for policy makers and academics

    4. Sharing patient data will improve all our health

    5. The friends and family test is unfit for purpose

    6. Doubts raised over friends and family test

    7. How one question can change the NHS

    8. Challenges of mixing interview modes

    9. Doubts raised over friends and family test

    10. Doubts raised over friends and family test

    11. Findings from University of Essex provide new insights into marketing research

    12. Findings from University of Essex provide new insights into marketing research

    13. Findings from University of Essex provide new insights into marketing research

    14. Mobile fallout - to be ignored at your peril

    15. University-led consortium awarded £1 million grant

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