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Is there a link between obesity and mental health?

New research by Professor Meena Kumari, looking at over 11,000 adult participants in Understanding Society, finds a link - but only for the middle aged obese

Who does the housework in multicultural Britain?

New study by Professor Heather Laurie and Dr Man Yee Kan looks at how 30,000 couples in Understanding Society divide up household chores

European union
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of EUROMOD, the EU tax-benefit microsimulation model: Call for papers for Anniversary Conference September 2016

Sir Anthony Atkinson and other keynote speakers will discuss EUROMOD’s key role in academic research and policy analysis

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Why British ethnic minorities may struggle to get well-paid graduate jobs

British ethnic minority graduates are between 5 and 15 % less likely to be employed than their white British peers six months after graduation, finds first-ever comparison of how university choices, parental background and social class impact on ethnic minorities’ jobs and earnings

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