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Migessex workshop
Migration challenges in the UK at the dawn of Brexit

New ISER research on university staff and Brexit to be presented at Centre for Migration Studies’ annual workshop on 26 September

Beach scene crop
How difficult childhoods could lead to premature ageing

New study using biomarkers and socio-economic data, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, suggests that the ageing process may be affected by circumstances in our youth

Understanding Society Conference: Combining Biological and Social Data

Showcasing current and ongoing work based on biomarker, genetics and epigenetics data from Understanding Society, the UK Household Panel Study, in London on 6 December

Poverty crop 2
The costs of reducing child poverty by increasing Child Tax Credit

New calculations by Professor Holly Sutherland and Iva Tasseva using EUROMOD, the microsimulation model developed at Essex

Challenging poverty in developing countries - the impact of our innovation in microsimulation in Mozambique

New spin-off models based on EUROMOD, our tax-benefit microsimulation model developed at Essex, are informing effective policies to combat poverty in developing countries

Modern mothers pic
Female employment and child inequality: New briefing for All Party Parliamentary Group

New briefing by Professor of Public Policy, Susan Harkness, shows that changes in female employment have helped to mitigate the trend of rising income inequality, but in families where the mother is the sole breadwinner the risk of poverty is high

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