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The research evidence around the Election's hot topic: immigration

Polling of UK citizens has shown that immigration is one of the top three issues facing the country. All the major political parties agree on a tightening of the immigration process, and media coverage of immigration is largely negative. But what does recent research say?

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Bad mood mums and dads? How this weekend's clock change affects life satisfaction

The clocks go forward this weekend but parents of young children are likely to experience a dip in life satisfaction, according to a new study of households in the UK and Germany

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Using school resources effectively: what is the evidence base?

How have changes in spending in the classroom impacted on children’s test scores? What impact do increasing numbers of teaching assistants have on schools? What about teacher effectiveness?

The robots are coming.. what does this mean for the future of 'middle jobs'?

Evidence on UK job polarisation from ISER, the Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford University and the Resolution Foundation was presented to an audience of policy makers, commentators and third sector researchers in London.

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