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Work pay
Cost of housing overburdening for families in UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany and Romania

Inflated house prices and high rents in major cities are damaging the employment prospects for millions of young workers across the European Union, according to a new World Bank report, using our microsimulation tool EUROMOD, for key analysis

Iser's long running esrc research centre on micro social change has watched how society is changing over time with valuable insights for informing and improving government policy
What shapes our political and ethnic identities and are the two related?

A new study by Dr Alita Nandi and Professor Lucinda Platt (LSE) investigates the (common) factors shaping political and ethnic identities among minority and majority populations in the UK

Insights - latest edition of new policy-relevant findings from Understanding Society

This year’s edition considers three key areas: gender inequality and family change, quality of life in older age and ‘green lives’

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New research on microsimulation models for developing countries

New studies for the SOUTHMOD project presented at the international Think Development Think WIDER conference in Helsinki

Poverty crop
Over 15 million people in Europe live in precarious housing and over a quarter of UK children are growing up in private rented accommodation

What is the evidence that insecure housing can impact on health and wellbeing - MiSoC event discusses new research as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science

Woman cycling
How can we best tackle the gender pay gap and ‘motherhood penalty’? New evidence from Understanding Society

Debate event as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science asks how can employers make a much bigger difference to gender equality? Can equality at work be achieved without equality in the home? What does a gender perspective on social security reveal and what are the effects of Universal Credit for women on low income?

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