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Expert workshop ‘Evaluating the effect of Childcare policies: improving comparative research tools’

InGRID workshop, 9-11 September at the University of Essex, open to researchers engaged in the topic of the distributive and labour supply impact of childcare policies, administrators collecting and processing data on national childcare policies, policy-makers and international organisations

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Professor Nick Buck is new ISER Director

The University of Essex appoints Nick Buck, currently Director and Principal Investigator of Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and previously Deputy Director at ISER since 1994, and Director of the UK Longitudinal Studies Centre since 2001.

Less than living wage
ISER research finds that ethnic minority workers are most likely to be the lowest paid in the lowest paid jobs

Ethnic minority workers are more likely than White employees to receive less than the living wage due to an over-representation in the lowest-paying sectors, rather than a wage gap within professions or a lack of qualifications.

Vo 1650 p2 black unemployment
The impact of the recession on the UK´s ethnic minority groups

Ethnic minority groups fared worse during the 2008 recession and subsequent period of austerity than the white majority, with higher unemployment, lower earnings, lower self-employment rates and higher housing costs.

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