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Rethinking the boundaries of methods in health and social science research: MethodsCon 13/14 September

Manchester conference curated by our partners, National Centre for Research Methods, will be in person and free to attend

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How do social inequalities impact on young people and influence our health throughout our lives?

Dr Cara Booker discusses how COVID-19 has led to greater social inequality, less access to resources, jobs and education

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The impact of COVID-19, lockdown and school closures on children’s mental health

Professor Birgitta Rabe speaks to Professor Jules Pretty about her research and how she provided vital evidence which influenced UK Government policy

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Our partnership with Kyiv International Institute for Sociology - an important time for cooperation with our colleagues in Ukraine

Our Director, Professor Peter Lynn and the KIIS Director, Professor Volodymyr Paniotto, sign a five-year cooperation agreement

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ISER's research impact plays leading role in Essex's social sciences success at REF 2021

The contributions of our research teams lead to great results for the University of Essex in the Research Excellence Framework announced today

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New analysis reveals stark diversity gaps in the teaching profession

New analysis of the School Workforce Census finds falling levels of male teachers at schools in England and a lack of ethnic minority teachers and senior leaders especially in the North East and South West

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