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Opening the black box: towards a transparent and widely-used tax-benefit model for the UK

New project funded by the Nuffield Foundation and led by Professor Mike Brewer will facilitate the analysis of policy options in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & England separately as well as the UK as a whole

Household panel data
New data released from Understanding Society

Our latest data release features eight waves of Understanding Society data, plus 18 waves of harmonised British Household Panel Survey data, following the lives of the inhabitants of thousands of UK households in our huge panel study

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Maintaining links with your cultural heritage is good for your health

New study by Professor Michaela Benzeval, Dr Alita Nandi and Dr Renee Luthra unpicks the paradox of why immigrants’ life expectancy decreases as they become more immersed in their new country

Gender gaps in university education and pay

In a study newly published by the European Economic Review, MiSoC researchers Matthias Parey and Marco Francesconi look at the gender gaps in pay and university education after graduation, and explore the reasons behind them

Old person
Family fortunes: the persisting grandparents' effects in contemporary British society

New study shows that grandparents’ class still affects grandchildren’s life chances in contemporary UK society just as earlier research showed for mid-20th century Britain

Work pay
Cost of housing overburdening for families in UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany and Romania

Inflated house prices and high rents in major cities are damaging the employment prospects for millions of young workers across the European Union, according to a new World Bank report, using our microsimulation tool EUROMOD, for key analysis

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