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Looking through the hourglass: Hollowing out of the UK jobs market pre- and post-crisis

An event presenting new research from the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Institute for Social and Economic Research with the Resolution Foundation.

ISER evidence prompts call to prioritise disadvantaged children in pre-school childcare spending

Current policy is not closing the gap in attainment between children from richer and poorer families

ESRC Multi-disciplinary Health & Biomarkers Conference

This conference is aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary research concentrated on the potential use of biomarkers in health research.

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Life after death - 60 per cent of UK women in their forties believe in an after-life

A new study of more than 9,000 British people in their forties, by Professor David Voas, finds 54 per cent of men agnostic or athesist.

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