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ISER researchers discuss their work in these blog posts.

Dr Malcolm Brynin - obituary
Malcolm brynin

David Rose, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at ISER, pays tribute to our former colleague, Dr Malcolm Byrnin, who sadly passed away last week.

How will the response to coronavirus affect gender equality?
Iser proj lonepfeat20140917 23488 1e04jhh

Writing for the ESRC’s Economics Observatory, MiSoC’s Susan Harkness explores why women have borne such a heavy economic and caring burden during the coronavirus pandemic and whether the negative impact will persist

Open schools first for the hardest hit children
Home schooling

Writing for the LSE, MiSoC researcher Ayse Guveli explores the effect of Covid-19 related school closures on children’s educational opportunities and future outcomes, and how this varies by social and family background.

Maternal investments in children: the role of expected effort and returns
Un photo pakistani schoolgirl

Inequalities in child developmental outcomes emerge early in life and persist, with parents playing a critical role in determining these differences. MiSoC researcher Professor Sonia Bhalotra investigates the importance of subjective expectations of returns to and effort costs of the two main investments that mothers make in newborns: breastfeeding and stimulation

Do migrants undercut the job quality of natives?
Job quality migrants

MiSoC researcher Dr Neli Demireva, together with Dr Wouter Zwysen, investigate the employment outcomes and types of jobs migrants, ethnic minorities and white British majority members do

Political and ethnic identity
Polling station 6 may 2010

MiSoC’s Dr Alita Nandi and Professor Lucinda Platt (LSE) investigate the relationship between people’s political and ethnic identities across different majority / minority ethnicities

Ethnic discrimination in the labour market
Metal worker

MiSoC’s Malcolm Brynin and Simonetta Longhi (now at Reading) have provided vital evidence to the debate on inequality in the labour market, in particular on pay gaps within jobs

The impact of Brexit on the EU migrants in UK Higher Education
Photo credit european union 2015   european parliament

MiSoC’s Dr Renee Luthra describes her new research into how Brexit was experienced by highly skilled migrants in the UK higher education sector, a sector reliant on EU migration, and the ways that employment in higher education buffered staff against its impact

Subjective Expectations: Measurement and analysis of decision-making under uncertainty
Hiv status

An insight into pioneering work by MiSoC’s Adeline Delavande on the measurement of subjective expectations. She pushes forward the agenda of asking decision-makers directly about their subjective expectations, and, with collaborators, has pioneered the elicitation of subjective expectations in developing countries.

What does the decrease in child mortality really mean?
Child mortality

In a short video for VoxDev, Professor Sonia Bhalotra discusses her research on how a decline in child mortality influences women’s choices of labour market participation, marriage, and fertility.

Family fortunes – and how they persist over generations

ISER’S Dr Min Zhang and Professor Yaojun Li of the Cathie March Institute for Social Research at the University of Manchester explore what impact grandparents’ social class has on their grandchildren’s opportunities, from childhood through to later life

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