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How do students want to fund Higher Education?

  1. Angus Holford

Dr Angus Holford describes ISER’s innovative study of a unique cohort of current students to find out how much they understand about our complex student funding system and what they think would be fair for future students

When it comes to fees, what do students think?

  1. Angus Holford

In an article for the New Statesman, Dr Angus Holford explores in detail what students think of how university fees could be administered in a reformed system where the overall student contribution and taxpayer contribution stayed the same.

Saturday jobs and the damage to grades

  1. Angus Holford

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills report Death of the Saturday Job picks up on a growing trend away from part-time work as school children compete for the few part-time jobs and many decide to concentrate on school work. A study by Dr Angus Holford found that part-time employment is having an impact on some children – but not all.