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Is hate crime rising during the Covid-19 crisis?

  1. Renee Luthra
  2. Alita Nandi

Writing for the ESRC-funded Economics Observatory, MiSoC’s Renee Luthra and Alita Nandi explore whether the Covid-19 crisis is likely to create a more hostile environment for immigrants and ethnic minorities

Political and ethnic identity

  1. Alita Nandi
  2. Lucinda Platt

MiSoC’s Dr Alita Nandi and Professor Lucinda Platt (LSE) investigate the relationship between people‚Äôs political and ethnic identities across different majority / minority ethnicities

Living with hate and harassment

  1. Renee Luthra
  2. Michaela Benzeval
  3. Alita Nandi
  4. Shamit Saggar

ISER researchers are beginning a new ESRC Secondary Data Initiative study into the prevalence and persistence of ethnic and racial harassment and its impact on health using longitudinal analysis