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Professor Michaela Benzeval Director, Understanding Society, University of Essex

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Michaela is Professor of Longitudinal Research and the Director and Principal Investigator of Understanding Society: the UK Household Longitudinal Study. Before joining ISER, Michaela was a Programme Leader, and Research Project Director of the West of Scotland Twenty-07 Study, at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow. She has also worked at Queen Mary University of London, East London and City Health Authority, the London School of Economics and the King’s Fund. Michaela studied economics at the University of Bath, and health policy and epidemiology, as well as a PGCAP, at the University of London, and gained her PhD, on income and health, from the University of Glasgow.

My profiles are on Google Scholar here, ResearchGate here and my Orchid page is here.

Research Interests

  • Social inequalities in health at different life stages
  • The underlying social, biological , behavioural and psychological mechanisms that link people’s social and economic circumstances with health over their life course
  • The role of macro contexts, particularly the policy environment, in shaping the links between people’s lives and their health
  • Methodological challenges of measuring health in longitudinal social surveys

In addition to Understanding Society, Michaela's current research grants include:



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