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Visitor Programme

At the heart of ISER research is a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach, whether it’s with other colleagues at the Institute, other members of the University of Essex, at Universities and research institutes across the UK and the rest of the world.

At ISER we are open to new ideas, complementary expertise and understanding and are always looking to seize new opportunities to work with others to generate and disseminate quality, innovative research outputs. To that end we welcome visiting researchers under a number of programmes aiming to:

  • promote research links between ISER and other institutions and researchers worldwide
  • promote use of our research infrastructure resources (especially the BHPS, Understanding Society and EUROMOD) amongst a wider audience
  • complement the skills of ISER researchers and broaden and expand the range of our expertise
  • provide a net boost to ISER research performance.

There are currently the following paid visiting schemes available which can fund visits to ISER:

We also welcome research proposals for own-funded research visits, for example, as part of joint research projects with ISER staff, sabbatical leaves etc.

To make any enquiries about research visits, please contact Alari Paulus.

Additional notes

  • There are currently constraints on physical space within ISER which restrict the number of offers made, regardless of the quality of applications.
  • There is no presumption that ‘senior’ researchers are preferred to ‘junior’ researchers.

Read what Chris Bollinger from the University of Kentucky has to say about his time as an ISER visitor.