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The ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) is a multidisciplinary centre, promoting collaboration between economists, sociologists and other social scientists. MiSoC researchers collaborate with specialists from universities around the world, using quantitative social science to provide evidence with which to address key societal challenges. Our research themes aim to address questions that reflect social inequalities: how and why are resources such as income, health and wellbeing distributed, how is technology changing the demand for skills in the labour market, and how can we help young people from all backgrounds have access to acquiring these skills? Our work also explores how families are changing, how society and the economy are affected by ageing and migration, and how behaviours, attitudes and outcomes are passed down from one generation to the next.


Inequality and the very rich: what do we know?

Professor Mike Brewer among the speakers at ISER's open event with the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London on 5th November as part of the ESRC's Festival of Social Science

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