Validation Process

During the project a number of iterations of the ESeC matrix were produced, each one revised as a result of discussions within the consortium and empirical evidence from different countries. Initially this was constructed to comprise every occupational unit group (OUG) within ISCO. In the later phase it was decided to proceed with a single international version of ESeC (‘Version 4’) for use on comparative data sources. Because of national variations in micro-data it was only feasible to do this at the level of ISCO minor groups (3 digits). This single ESeC matrix was subsequently used by consortium members in their further validation work presented at the Bled conference.

The version 4 matrix and syntax are available to download.

There is also a paper entitled The ESeC Class Schema Summarized (Word) which explains the conceptual basis of ESeC. A condensed version, A Short Note on the ESeC Classes , was produced for users less familiar with social class.