Work Package 13

Work package description

Start date or starting eventMonth 17
Activity Type 1RTD/innovation related
Participant id123456789
Person-months per participant2.


To create the operational guide to the ESeC for use by National Statistical Institutes and by Eurostat. The guide will be made available as a web-based resource, making it accessible to both academic and other potential users.

Description of work

The guide will be developed from the derivation matrices prepared within Work package 4, as modified in the light of results from Work packages 5-11. The guide will show the linkages between national occupational classifications, ISCO88 and the ESeC and will provide users with detailed instructions enabling them to implement the ESeC within national and European statistical sources.


The ESeC: an operational guide.

Milestones 2 and expected result

A fully operationalized and validated European socio-economic classification which will be recommended to Eurostat for adoption and used for comparative analytical purposes.

1 For STREPs/STIPs each WP must relate to one (and only one) of the following three possible Activity Types: RTD/Innovation activities, Demonstration activities, Management activities.

2 Milestones are points where major results have successfully been achieved as the basis for the next phase of work, or which serve as control points at which decisions are needed; for example concerning which of several technologies will be adopted as the basis for the next phase of the project.