Validation Conference final program

19 January 2006

0900-0930Registration and welcome from INE
Session 1: Introducing ESeC – Chair: Robert Erikson
0930-1015A Short Note on the ESeC Class Schema – David Rose and Eric Harrison
1015-1100The ESeC Statistical Compendium – Peter Elias and Rhys Davies
Session 2: Criterion Validation Studies – Chair: Toni Schizzerotto
1115-1145The German Validation Study – Discussant: Dominique Goux
1145-1215The Swedish Validation Study – Discussant: Jean-Marie Jungblut
1215-1245The French Validation Study – Discussants: Chris Whelan and Bertrand Maitre
Session 3: Construct Validation Studies – Chair: Dominique Goux
1345-1415The UK Validation Study – Discussant: Dorothy Watson
1415-1445The Dutch Validation Study – Discussant: Robert Erikson
1445-1515The Irish Validation Study – Discussant: Anton Kunst
1515-1545The Italian Validation Study – Discussant: Peter Elias
Session 4: Discussion Session – Chair: Chris Whelan
1600-1700Issues Arising from the Compendium and the Validation Studies – John Goldthorpe will lead the discussion
2000Conference Dinner

20 January 2006

0900-0945Session 5: Group Discussions (1)
Group 1AESeC for Central and Eastern Europe – Rapporteur: Erszebet Bukodi
Group 1BESeC for Southern European Countries – Rapporteur: Thomas Maloutas
Group 2Implementing ESeC: Operational Issues (1) – Rapporteur: Cornelia Hausen
Group 3Implementing ESeC: Operational Issues (2) – Rapporteur: Robert Erikson
Group 4Policy Research and ESeC – Rapporteur: Anton Kunst
Session 6: Reports from Discussion Groups (1) – Chair: Heike Wirth
0945-1045Reports from Group Discussions
1115-1200Session 7: Group Discussions (2)
Group 5Communication and Dissemination – Rapporteur: Erik Bihagen
Group 6The ESeC User Manual – Rapporteur: David Pevalin
Group 7NSIs, Eurostat and ESeC (1) – Rapporteur: Margaret Birch
Group 8NSIs, Eurostat and ESeC (2) – Rapporteur: Amanda Wilmot
Group 9Employment Relations indicators for ESeC – Rapporteur: Toni Schizzerotto
Session 8: Reports from Discussion Groups (2) – Chair: Peter Elias
1200-1315Reports from Group Discussions
Session 9: Revision of ISCO – Chair: Eric Harrison
1415-1500The Creation of ISCO-2008 – Peter Elias (View/Download ISCO88 here)
Session 10: Concluding Comments and Discussion – Chair: David Rose
1515-1630Panel discussion with comments from Harry Ganzeboom, Peter Robert, John Goldthorpe, Henryk Domanski, Manfred Ehling, and a summary from Peter Elias