Validation Conference Download

Paper Download

AuthorTitlePresentationFull Paper
Rose and HarrisonA Short Note on the ESeC Class Schema.ppt.doc
Elias and DaviesThe ESeC Statistical Compendium.ppt.html
Hausen et alThe German Validation Study.ppt.doc
Bihagen et alThe Swedish Validation Study.doc
Biscourp et alThe French Validation Study.ppt.doc
Harrison and RoseThe UK Validation Study.ppt.doc
Kunst et alThe Dutch Validation Study.ppt.doc
Watson et alThe Irish Validation Study.ppt.doc
Schizzerotto et alThe Italian Validation Study.ppt.doc
Elias and BirchUpdating ISCO88 (New version 20/03/06).doc
Birch and EliasReports from Regional ISCO Meetings.html

Briefing Documents for Group Discussions

Download the membership lists for the groups arranged alphabetically by participant or by group

GroupThemeBriefing PaperAppendices
1AESeC for Central and Eastern European Countries.doc
1BESeC for Southern European Countries.doc
2Implementing ESeC: Operational Issues (1).doc
3Implementing ESeC: Operational Issues (2).doc.doc
4Policy Research and ESeC.doc
5Communication and Dissemination.doc
6The ESeC User Manual.doc
7NSIs, Eurostat and ESeC (1).doc
8NSIs, Eurostat and ESeC (2).doc
9Employment relations indicators for ESeC.doc.doc