Work Package 1

Work package description

Start date or starting eventMonth 1
Activity Type 1Management
Participant id123456789
Person-months per participant5


To set up and implement quality, monitoring, and control procedures to ensure that work packages are performed effectively and deliverables produced on time. To resolve project-related problems and issues as quickly as possible, to minimise risk of delays or failures to produce deliverables.

To disseminate the work of the project effectively through various mediums and information sources.

Description of work

Establish common standards for reports, including a common notation. Organise, chair and document project meetings (see work packages 2, 4, 12 and 14). Monitor developments in all work packages. Establish effective communication mechanisms by ensuring that relevant information and documents are distributed as appropriate within the project. Set up quality monitoring and control procedures to ensure deliverables are produced on time. Produce project progress reports at six-monthly intervals for the Commission.

Apart from the planned reports for the various work packages the partners will present papers on their work at international scientific conferences. They will also aim to disseminate their work through traditional academic outlets such as scientific journals. Two public websites will be created at different stages of the project. Partner 2 will create and maintain a project website that will contain information on the progress of the ESeC project and Partner 1 will produce a detailed user guide with instructions on how to construct the ESeC for use by researchers within the European Research Area.


Not applicable.

Milestones 2 and expected result

Effective project management and dissemination procedures.

1 For STREPs/STIPs each WP must relate to one (and only one) of the following three possible Activity Types: RTD/Innovation activities, Demonstration activities, Management activities.

2 Milestones are points where major results have successfully been achieved as the basis for the next phase of work, or which serve as control points at which decisions are needed; for example concerning which of several technologies will be adopted as the basis for the next phase of the project.