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From academics who are experts in their field to innovators in survey development and the brightest postgraduate students, the ISER staff and its Research Associates represent a unique research community that makes a major contribution to the University of Essex's standing as the leading university in the UK for social science research.



Talbag photo20180601 21118 1i040hi

Tarek Al Baghal

Research Fellow

Savram photo20180601 21118 1oga8yo

Silvia Avram

Research Fellow

Sb18897 photo20180601 21118 1963elk

Selçuk Bedük

Senior Research Officer

Mjbenz photo20180601 21118 5bw8br

Michaela Benzeval

Director, Understanding Society


Leda Maria Bonazzi

Research Assistant


Cara Booker

Research Fellow and Graduate Director

Mb17708 photo20180601 21118 sjclp1

Magda Borkowska

Senior Research Officer

Mbrewer photo20180601 21118 he9jkr

Mike Brewer

Professor of Economics


Patryk Bronka

Senior Research Officer

Jburton photo20180601 21118 1b513bf

Jonathan Burton

Associate Director, Surveys

Ac17095 photo20180601 21118 1eoo46o

Amy Clair

Research Fellow

Pclarke photo20180601 21118 oksgbt

Paul Clarke

Professor of Social Statistics & ISER Research Director


Diego Collado

Senior Research Officer

Emilia del bono

Emilia Del Bono

Director of MiSoC

Pfishe photo20180601 21118 1rt9x34

Paul Fisher

Research Fellow

Lfumag photo20180601 21118 xc2upe

Laura Fumagalli

Senior Research Officer

Kg16893 photo20180601 21118 1i9s3i6

Katrin Gasior

Senior Research Officer


Emily Grundy

Professor of Population Science, University of Essex

Kegush photo20180601 21118 14mwa5l

Karon Gush

Senior Research Officer


Zhechun He

Senior Research Officer

Ajholf photo20180601 21118 1p7k9so

Angus Holford

Research Fellow


Annette Jäckle

Professor of Survey Methodology, Associate Director of Innovations for Understanding Society

Olena photo20180601 21118 1ok0921

Olena Kaminska

Survey Statistician

Kneejw photo20180601 21118 wmrpb3

Jack Kneeshaw

Executive Director, Euromod

Gknies photo20180601 21118 mt9gg3

Gundi Knies

Research Fellow

Mkumari photo20180601 21118 1r6ijj4

Meena Kumari

Professor of Biological and Social Epidemiology

Plynn photo20180601 21118 cicihv

Peter Lynn

Director of ISER


Jamie Moore

Research Fellow


Alita Nandi

Senior Research Fellow & Associate Director for Understanding Society

Dpopova photo20180601 21118 14ce5bz

Daria Popova

Research Fellow

Spudney photo20160927 26652 14orqtu

Stephen Pudney

Visiting Professor


Kelly Reeve

Research Assistant


Matteo Richiardi

EUROMOD Director

Itasseva photo20180601 21118 9zacr5

Iva Valentinova Tasseva

Senior Research Officer


Carla Xena

Research Officer

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