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Education and skills

Read more about our past work:

The ‘production’ of attainment in secondary schools (Birgitta Rabe)
How does a decline in child mortality influence women’s choices of labour market participation, marriage, and fertility? (Sonia Bhalotra)
How do students want to fund Higher Education? (Angus Holford)
The surprisingly negative impact of good news from OFSTED (Birgitta Rabe)
When gold prices go up, so does the cost of a dowry – and baby girl survival rates in India fall (Sonia Bhalotra)
The long-run effects of attending an elite school (Emilia Del Bono)
With more people gaining a university degree, how is society as a whole being affected? (Angus Holford)

Case study: The impact of free early years education and care

Mental health risks to girls who spend more than an hour a day on social media (Cara Booker)
Do unpaid interns benefit from the experience? Or who is hurt the least? (Angus Holford)
How female foeticide has influenced fertility and parental investments in girls (Sonia Bhalotra)
How maternal depression affects mothers and children (Sonia Bhalotra)
Does women’s education reduce rates of death in childbirth? (Sonia Bhalotra)
Benefits of time (Emilia Del Bono)
EU students do very well out of studying in the UK – Brexit might scupper that (Renee Luthra, Greta Morando)
Universal benefits? What effects does early education have on childhood development and women’s career choices? (Birgitta Rabe)
Saturday jobs and the damage to grades (Angus Holford)

Some of our key findings:

Interaction between private and public investments in children

Sibling and peer influences on children’s development and outcomes

Childhood circumstances, resilience, and adult outcomes

Inequalities in Higher Education outcomes, student preferences

A full list of all ISER’s research

  • Watch the MiSoC Special Session on Mental Health and Human Capital at the Royal Economic Society Conference 2017:
    Maternal Emotional Well-Being and Child Development. An Issue of Measurement? (Emillia Del Bono)
    Maternal Depression, Household Bargaining and Labour Supply: Experimental Evidence (Sonia Bhalotra)