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ISER researchers discuss their work in these blog posts.

What does the decrease in child mortality really mean?
Child mortality

In a short video for VoxDev, Professor Sonia Bhalotra discusses her research on how a decline in child mortality influences women’s choices of labour market participation, marriage, and fertility.

Family fortunes – and how they persist over generations

ISER’S Dr Min Zhang and Professor Yaojun Li of the Cathie March Institute for Social Research at the University of Manchester explore what impact grandparents’ social class has on their grandchildren’s opportunities, from childhood through to later life

How renting could affect your health
Rental uk

Writing for The Conversation, Amy Clair and Amanda Hughes explain their findings on the link between people’s housing situation and levels in their blood of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker associated with stress and infection.

Are female legislators good for economic growth?
Voting india

There has been a phenomenal global increase in the proportion of women in politics in the last two decades, but there is no evidence of how this influences economic performance. In a blog for the International Growth Centre, Professor Sonia Bhalotra and co-authors investigate this using data on competitive elections to India’s state legislative assemblies.

How leader identity impacts group coordination
India crowd

In principle, leaders can facilitate group coordination towards a common goal but in diverse societies, their effectiveness may depend upon their social identity, and how citizens react to leader identity. Sonia Bhalotra and co-authors Irma Clots-Figueras (Madrid), Lakshmi Iyer (Notre Dame) and Joseph Vecci (Gothenburg) investigate in a blog for Ideas for India.

The ticking clock: how genetics may explain fertility traits
Clock nicola ttlv

A new study by MiSoC Co-Director Nicola Barban, with Melinda Mills and Felix Tropf of the University of Oxford, allows the inclusion of a genetic variable or predictor of reproductive behaviour in social science research for the first time.

When it comes to fees, what do students think?
Angus fees

In an article for the New Statesman, Dr Angus Holford explores in detail what students think of how university fees could be administered in a reformed system where the overall student contribution and taxpayer contribution stayed the same.

Basic Income – testing of a fascinating policy
Job loss crop

Iva Tasseva looks at why ISER’s tax-benefit microsimulation model EUROMOD is essential for analysing the morning-after effects of tax and benefit reforms, and how new studies using the model have tested out the controversial and increasingly politically fascinating idea of a Basic Income.

Lower child mortality: a boost to women’s labour market opportunities
Sonia globaldev

In a blog for Global Dev, MiSoC’s Professor Sonia Bhalotra together with Atheendar Venkataramani (Perelman School of Medicine) and Selma Walther (applied microeconomist) investigate whether public investments in reducing child mortality may encourage women into greater economic activity.

The distribution of the gender wage gap

Using a quarter of a century’s data from Mexico, ISER’s Professor Sonia Bhalotra and Manuel Fernandez Sierra analyse the impacts of the rising number of women in the labour force on the gender wage gap.

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