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Wave 2 Record Types

Select a record name from the following list to view its constituent variables:

Record Type Description
BHHSAMP Contains household-level data for issued households
BINDSAMP Contains individual-level data for issued households
BINDALL Contains enumerated individuals' data
BHHRESP Contains household-level data for respondent households
BINDRESP Contains individual-level data for respondents
BJOBHIST Contains information from the employment history
BINCOME Contains income and payment data
BEGOALT Provides a mechanism for identifying the relationship of each individual in a household to all others
BMARRIAG Contains one record for each reported legal marriage
BCOHABIT Contains data about each cohabitation spell outside legal marriage
BCHILDAD Contains information about adopted and/or step-children
BCHILDNT Contains information about natural children
BLIFEMST Contains information about employment status spells