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The BHPS User Documentation and Questionnaires

Welcome to the BHPS Documentation. This release covers the re-released version of Waves 1-18 of the BHPS data, which were deposited in the UK Data Archive in October 2018. Modifications since the previous 2010 release of the BHPS are detailed in Appendix 4 of the latest User Guide.

Using the BHPS Online Documentation

Please access the BHPS Documentation using the above drop-down menu. Options include links to:

  • Volume A - this User Guide relates to all Waves of the BHPS, and contains introductory material, technical reports and a variety of appendices.
  • Volume B - contains variable-level codebook material for each Wave of the BHPS. The 'Volume B codebooks' menu option presents the user with various ways to access the Codebook material - by following links from a chosen Index Term, Record Type, or Wave.

Questionnaires and survey documents

The BHPS Online Documentation also includes links to the questionnaires and survey documents: