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  • Where do I find the questionnaires?

The questionnaires for each wave can be found on the BHPS documentation web-site. Included in this list are all the show-cards used during the course of the interview. The questionnaires are organised according to Wave. Within each wave’s questionnaire documentation, the questionnaires are presented in PDF format. The questionnaires are annotated with the variable names to help you locate the variables you need.

There are six questionnaires:

  • Household Questionnaire (one per household)
  • Individual Questionnaire (all aged 16 and over)
  • Self-completion Questionnaire (all with an Individual Questionnaire)
  • Proxy Questionnaire (for absent household members aged 16 and over)
  • Youth Questionnaire (for 11-15 year olds)
  • Telephone Questionnaire (a sub-set of the Individual Questionnaire used during refusal conversion)

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