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Access BHPS data

BHPS data are available through the UK Data Service. Our data are available to researchers who can demonstrate that their work is in the public interest. Our data are used by universities, government departments, charities, think-tanks and commercial companies.

BHPS data are stored with the UK Data Service. Researchers who would like to use BHPS need to register with the UK Data Service before being allowed to download the dataset. There are different levels of access, depending on what information you want to use.

End User Licence

This type of dataset should be suitable for the majority of researchers. To access researchers need to register with the UK Data Service and provide details of their research project.

You can read the full BHPS and Understanding Society Data Access Strategy here.

Special Licence data

A number of sensitive data are released under Special Licence. Researchers can apply for access to Special Licence data through the UK Data Service if they can justify their research objectives and clearly explain why Special Licence data are needed for their project.

Commercial use

Commercial organisations can apply for access to BHPS data and are subject to the standard access procedures. For some data the terms of consent may prohibit commercial access. Commercial organisations are required to demonstrate the public benefits that are likely from the reseach use.

What format is the data in?

BHPS data consists of multiple files in SPSS, Stata and ASCII formats. Data for different Waves are released in separate files.