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  1. Faith, multiculturalism and identity

    David Voas

  2. Differences in opportunities? Wage, employment and house-price effects on migration

    Birgitta Rabe and Mark P. Taylor

    1. Migration
    2. Economics
  3. The distributional effects of fiscal consolidation in nine EU countries

    Silvia Avram, Francesco Figari, Chrysa Leventi, et al.

    1. Poverty
    2. Microsimulation
  4. Union threat and non-union employment: a natural experiment on the use of temporary employment in British firms

    Andrea Salvatori

    1. Labour Market
    2. Organizations And Firms
  5. Gender and ethnic occupational segregation

    Malcolm Brynin

  6. Breastfeeding and child cognitive outcomes: evidence from a hospital-based breastfeeding support policy

    Emilia Del Bono and Birgitta Rabe

    1. Child Development
    2. Childbearing: Fertility
  7. Religiosity among the Turks in Europe and Turkey

    Ayse Guveli

  8. Implications of the EU-SILC “following rules” (and their implementation) for longitudinal analysis

    Maria Iacovou and Peter Lynn

  9. Household composition, poverty and hardship across Europe

    Maria Iacovou

  10. Impact of cultural diversity on wages and job satisfaction in England

    Simonetta Longhi

  11. Encouraging take-up of FSM

    Angus Holford

  12. Breastfeeding and social mobility: what are the mechanisms?

    Amanda Sacker, Yvonne Kelly, Mel Bartley, et al.

  13. Who saves for retirement?

    Mark L. Bryan, James Lloyd, Birgitta Rabe, et al.

  14. Bleak expectations. What are the economic effects of health-related job loss?

    Stephen Pudney, Alexandra J. Skew, and Mark P. Taylor

  15. Being British. How do ethnic minorities feel when considering their Britishness?

    Alita Nandi and Lucinda Platt

  16. Value judgements. What is the best measure of living standards, and does the value of housing play an important role?

    Mike Brewer and Cormac O'Dea

  17. Why breast is best. With research indicating that breastfeeding could increase educational attainment, parents should more seriously consider infant nourishment

    Emilia Del Bono and Birgitta Rabe

  18. Identity in focus

    Lucinda Platt

    1. Research
    2. Ethnic Groups
    3. Surveys
  19. The distributive and cross country effects of a Child Basic Income for the European Union

    Horacio Levy, Manos Matsaganis, and Holly Sutherland

    1. Young People
    2. Poverty
    3. Welfare Benefits
    4. Microsimulation
  20. Residential mobility: wealth, demographic and housing market effects

    John Ermisch and Elizabeth Washbrook

    1. Demography
    2. Housing Market
  21. What determines attitudes to immigration in European countries? An analysis at the regional level

    Yvonni Markaki and Simonetta Longhi

    1. Demography
    2. Migration
    3. Unemployment
    4. Social Attitudes
  22. 'United We Stand Divided We Fall': Maternal Social Participation and Children Nutritional Status in Peru

    Marta Favara

  23. Continuity, change and inequality in women's work-family lives: a multi-state sequence analysis

    Amanda Sacker, P. McDonough, and Diana Worts

  24. Popular can look forward to prosperous life

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

  25. High school popularity pays off

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

  26. Economists say the revenge of the nerds is a lie and popular kids DO rule the world

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

  27. Reliving your first fling

    Malcolm Brynin, Simonetta Longhi, and Álvaro Martínez Pérez

  28. Economics says the revenge of the nerds is a lie

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

  29. The popular kids out earn their less popular peers

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

  30. Popular kids in school get higher paychecks down the line, study says

    Gabriella Conti, Andrea Galeotti, Gerrit Mueller, et al.

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