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  1. Quantile regression with aggregated data

    Cheti Nicoletti and Nicky Best

  2. The intergenerational transmission of religious services attendance

    Ingrid Storm and David Voas

    1. Demography
    2. Religion
    3. Social Behaviour
  3. BCS70 data note: the art of asking questions about religion

    Alice Sullivan, David Voas, and Matt Brown

  4. Using EUROMOD to “nowcast” (and forecast) risk of poverty in the European Union

    Jekaterina Navicke, Olga Rastrigina, and Holly Sutherland

    1. Poverty
    2. Microsimulation
  5. Using EUROMOD to “nowcast” (and forecast) risk of poverty in the European Union

    Jekaterina Navicke, Olga Rastrigina, and Holly Sutherland

    1. Poverty
    2. Microsimulation
  6. The distributional effects of fiscal consolidation in nine EU countries

    Silvia Avram, Francesco Figari, Chrysa Leventi, et al.

    1. Poverty
    2. Microsimulation
  7. Accounting for the distributional effects of noncash public benefits

    Holly Sutherland and Panos Tsakloglou

    1. Households
    2. Income Dynamics
    3. Microsimulation
  8. Are you sure that’s the answer? Uncertainty in evaluation questions

    Mike Brewer

    1. Public Policy
    2. Research
  9. Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men: the roles of productivity and of discrimination

    Simonetta Longhi, Cheti Nicoletti, and Lucinda Platt

    1. Disability
    2. Wages And Earnings
  10. Developing ethnic identity questions for Understanding Society

    Alita Nandi and Lucinda Platt

    1. Social Groups
    2. Survey Methodology
  11. Three puzzles of non-religion in Britain

    David Voas and Siobhan McAndrew

  12. The intergenerational transmission of churchgoing in England and Australia

    David Voas and Ingrid Storm

    1. Demography
    2. Religion
    3. Social Behaviour
  13. Islam moves West: religious change in the first and second generations

    David Voas and Fenella Fleischmann

    1. Migration
    2. Religion
  14. Developing effective ex ante social impact assessment with a focus on methodology, tools and data sources, Brussels, 17-18 November 2011: synthesis report

    Mike Brewer

    1. Law And Legislation
    2. Labour Market
    3. Social Policy
  15. Regression analysis of cross-national differences using multi-level data: a cautionary note

    Mark L. Bryan and Stephen P. Jenkins

  16. Academic achievement runs in the family

    John Ermisch and Emilia Del Bono

  17. Two can live as cheaply as one... but three's a crowd

    Christopher R. Bollinger, Cheti Nicoletti, and Stephen Pudney

  18. Pupils born to succeed

    John Ermisch and Emilia Del Bono

  19. Pupils' exam results 'closely linked' to parents' education

    John Ermisch and Emilia Del Bono

  20. CoE begins major study on Church growth

    David Voas

  21. If the Tories won't cut middle-class benefits...then they certainly shouldn't be planning a £25 billion raid on the poorest in Britain

    Mike Brewer, James Browne, and Wenchao Jin

  22. Who saves for retirement?

    Mark L. Bryan, Birgitta Rabe, James Lloyd, et al.

  23. Exploring the social spaces of Muslims

    Lucinda Platt

    1. Politics
    2. Social Groups
    3. Religion
  24. Poverty and inequality in 2020: impact of changes in the structure of employment

    Mike Brewer, Andy Dickerson, Lynn Gambin, et al.

    1. Labour Market
    2. Poverty
  25. Recent trends in top income shares in the United State: reconciling estimates from March CPS and IRS tax return data

    Richard V. Burkhauser, Shuaizhang Feng, Stephen P. Jenkins, et al.

  26. Breast way to get back to work earlier

    Emilia Del Bono and Chiara Pronzato

  27. Udderly motherly dilemma

    Maria Iacovou and Almudena Sevilla Sanz

  28. Do Preceding Questions Influence the Reporting of Childbearing Intentions in Social Surveys?

    Paul Matthews

  29. The Great Recession and Distribution of Household Income

    Stephen P. Jenkins

  30. Breastfeeding facilities at work good for business as well as mum and baby

    Emilia Del Bono and Chiara Pronzato

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