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  1. The Free Rider Problem and a Social Custom Model of Trade Union Membership

    Alison L. Booth

  2. The Employment Effects of a Shorter Working Week

    Alison L. Booth and Fabio Schiantarelli

  3. Testing Some Predictions of Human Capital Theory: New Training Evidence from Britain

    Alison L. Booth and Mark L. Bryan

  4. Who pays for general training? new evidence for British men and women

    Alison L. Booth and Mark L. Bryan

  5. Intergenerational social mobility and assortative mating in Britain -IZA Discussion Paper-

    John Ermisch and Marco Francesconi

  6. Intergenerational social mobility and assortative mating in Britain

    John Ermisch and Marco Francesconi

  7. Regional differences in the transition to adulthood

    Maria Iacovou

  8. Who stays poor? who becomes poor? evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

    Lorenzo Cappellari and Stephen P. Jenkins

  9. Editorial: co-ordinating longitudinal survey data in the UK: towards a national strategy

    Jonathan Gershuny

  10. A new measure of social position: social mobility and human capital in Britain

    Jonathan Gershuny

  11. Web-use and net-nerds: a neo-functionalist analysis of the impact of information technology in the home

    Jonathan Gershuny

  12. Unions, temporary employment and hours of work: a tale of two countries

    Marco Francesconi and Carlos Garcia-Serrano

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