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  1. Collectivism versus individualism: performance-related pay and union coverage for non-standard workers in Britain -ILR Discussion Paper-

    Alison L. Booth and Marco Francesconi

    1. Labour Economics
    2. Wages And Earnings
  2. Temporary jobs: stepping stones or dead ends?

    Alison L. Booth, Marco Francesconi, and Jeff Frank

  3. Why do firms invest in general training? 'good' firms and 'bad' firms as a source of monopsony power

    Alison L. Booth and Gylfi Zoega

  4. The half-time score: part-time versus full-time work: a model with endogenous wages, training and productivity

    Alison L. Booth

  5. Outside offers and the gender pay gap: empirical evidence from the UK academic labour market -research paper-

    Alison L. Booth, Jeff Frank, and David Blackaby

  6. Temporary jobs: who gets them, what are they worth, and do they lead anywhere?

    Alison L. Booth, Marco Francesconi, and Jeff Frank

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