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Contributions to Degree Modules by ISER Staff

ISER staff teach modules which are part of the degree schemes offered by other departments, Sociology and Economics in particular. Currently, we contribute to the following modules:

SC970-7-AU: Survey Methods I: Design and Measurement

Taught by Noah Uhrig with contributions from Jon Burton, Heather Laurie, Annette Jäckle, Nick Allum and Emanuela Sala. For further information, please see:

SC972-7-PS: Survey Practicum

Supervised by Olena Kaminska with contributions from the ISER survey methods team and external survey organisations. For further information, please see:

SC971: Survey Methods II: Sampling, Inference and Management

Taught by Peter Lynn with contributions from Laura Fumagalli, Olena Kaminska and Heather Laurie. For further information, please see:

EC968 – Panel Data Methods

The 2011/12 session of EC968, Panel Data Methods, is taught by Mark Bryan and Mike Brewer in the Department of Economics. For further information, please see:

SC968: Panel Data Methods for Sociologists

The 2009/2010 session of SC968, Panel Data Methods for Sociologists, is taught by Amanda Sacker and Maria Iacovou. For further information, please see:

Essex Summer School

ISER staff regularly deliver modules in longitudinal analysis methods as part of the University of Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis and Collection.

This provides an ideal opportunity for intensive training for researchers from all types of organisations.

Previous Modules run by ISER staff

Session 1: 13-24 July 2009

Panel Data Analysis of Microdata – Mark Bryan, University of Essex

Session 2: 20-24 July 2009 Survival Analysis- Thomas Siedler, DIW Berlin (SOEP) and University of Essex (ISER)

Session 1: 9-20 July 2007

1G Panel Data Analysis – Mark Bryan, University of Essex

Session 2: 23-27 July 2007

2L Survival Analysis – Thomas Siedler

Session 3: 13-17 August 2007

3T Multi-Country Tax-Benefit Microsimulation using EUROMODHolly Sutherland, Alari Paulus and Francesco Figari

Full details about all forthcoming sessions can be found on the Summer School web pages. Courses are generally fully subscribed, so it is best to book early.