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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Using the EU-SILC for policy simulation: prospects, some limitations and some suggestions

    Francesco Figari, Horacio Levy, and Holly Sutherland

    1. Welfare Benefits
    2. Microsimulation
  2. Causes of Mode Effects: Separating out Interviewer and Stimulus Effects in Comparisons of Face-to-Face and Telephone Surveys

    Caroline Roberts, Annette Jäckle, and Peter Lynn

  3. Helen Bosanquet

    Lucinda Platt

  4. Beatrice Webb

    Lucinda Platt

  5. B. Seebohm Rowntree

    Lucinda Platt

  6. Introduction

    Malcolm Brynin, Yoel Raban, and Ben Anderson

  7. Ann Oakley

    Lucinda Platt

  8. Charles Booth

    Lucinda Platt

  9. 50 Key Sociologists: the formative theorists

  10. 50 Key Sociologists: the contemporary theorists

  11. Information and Communication Technologies in Society

  12. Is it the way she moves? New evidence on the gender wage growth gap in the early careers

    Emilia Del Bono and Daniela Vuri

  13. The Effect of Taxes and Benefits on Income Distribution

    Holly Sutherland, Alari Paulus, and Horacio Levy

  14. Network on Social Inclusion and Income Distribution Final Report 2006

  15. Derived net curent and annual income variables to accompany BHPS waves 1-14

  16. Cognitive Functioning and Labour Force Participation Among Older Men and Women in England

    David Haardt

  17. The wage effects of graduate competition

    Malcolm Brynin and Simonetta Longhi

  18. Tempted to try speed dating

    Marco Francesconi and Michèle Belot

  19. Gender and Time Use Over the Life Course: evidence from calibrated time use estimates in the British Household Panel Survey

     Man Yee Kan and Jonathan Gershuny

  20. Working Hours Flexibility and Old Workers' Labour Supply

    Anne Gielen

  21. Dads may pay more and see child less, says study

    John Ermisch

  22. Differences in Job Dissatisfaction Across Europe

    Cheti Nicoletti

  23. Measurement Error in the Dating of Income Receipt: Reducing Bias in Duration Models through Dependent Interviewing

    Annette Jäckle

  24. Measurement Error in the Dating of Income Receipt: Reducing Bias in Duration Models through Dependent Interviewing

    Annette Jäckle

  25. A Comparison of Earnings Measures from Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Surveys: Evidence from the UK

    Marco Francesconi, Holly Sutherland, and Francesca Zantomio

  26. ISER Newsletter: Autumn 2006

    David Rose and Romesh Vaitilingam

  27. Lessons for Census Enumeration from Survey Research

    Heather Laurie

  28. Doubts grow on Iraq death toll

    Peter Lynn

  29. Doubts grow on Iraq death toll

    Peter Lynn

  30. Lessons from building and using EUROMOD

    Christine Lietz and Daniela Mantovani

    1. Welfare Benefits
    2. Microsimulation

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