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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Black workers' pay gap in UK 'widens with qualifications'

    Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi

  2. Association of chronic insomnia symptoms and recurrent extreme sleep duration over 10 years with well-being in older adults: a cohort study

    Jessica G. Abell, Martin J. Shipley, Jane E. Ferrie, et al.

    1. Older People
    2. Medicine
    3. Well Being
    4. Health
  3. New loci for body fat percentage reveal link between adiposity and cardiometabolic disease risk

    Yingchang Lu, Felix R. Day, Stefan Gustafsson, et al.

    1. Medicine
    2. Health
    3. Biology
  4. Ethnic minority grads in UK less likely to find jobs, equal pay

    Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi

  5. Revealed: how black graduates lose out on jobs

    Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi

  6. Revealed: how ethnic minority graduates lose out on jobs: a groundbreaking study identifies significant disparities in life chances among UK students

    Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi

  7. Do ethnic minority candidates mobilise ethnic minority voters? Evidence from the 2010 UK General Election

    Nicole Martin

    1. Politics
    2. Religion
    3. Ethnic Groups
  8. The long-run effects of attending an elite school: evidence from the United Kingdom

    Damon Clark and Emilia Del Bono

    1. Education
    2. Life Course Analysis
  9. The Sturgeon effect: raising the share of women in government is not just a matter of fairness or diversity

    Sonia Bhalotra

  10. Separation effects: do women and children fare the worst financially after family separation?

    Mike Brewer and Alita Nandi

  11. Brain drain: are well-educated British expats being 'replaced' by unskilled immigrants?

    Renee Reichl Luthra

  12. Minority report: ethnic minorities in Britain are experiencing contrasting fortunes when we look at pay and poverty

    Paul Fisher and Alita Nandi

    1. Poverty
    2. Income Dynamics
    3. Wages And Earnings
    4. Ethnic Groups
  13. Don't blame the robots: is technology responsible for a decline in mid-skilled jobs?

    Andrea Salvatori

  14. Job loss solution

    Mark L. Bryan and Simonetta Longhi

  15. Healthy and unhealthy connections: our biology influences our health and lives, while the environments in which we live alter our biology

    Michaela Benzeval and Meena Kumari

  16. Counting the wages of sin: why is it misleading to include the value of illegal drugs to the UK economy in GDP figures?

    Stephen Pudney

  17. Poor returns: who has been affected most by tax and benefit cuts?

    Holly Sutherland

  18. Universal benefits? What effect does early education have on childhood development and career choices?

    Birgitta Rabe

  19. Minority report: ethnic minorities in Britain are experiencing contrasting fortunes when we look at pay and poverty

    Malcolm Brynin and Simonetta Longhi

  20. The emergence of health inequalities in early adulthood: evidence on timing and mechanisms from a West of Scotland cohort

    Helen Sweeting, Michael Green, Michaela Benzeval, et al.

    1. Young People
    2. Well Being
    3. Health
    4. Life Course Analysis
    5. Social Stratification
  21. Child mental health and maternal depression history in Pakistan

    Joanna Maselko, Siham Sikander, Omer Bangash, et al.

    1. Psychiatry
    2. Child Development
    3. Childbearing: Fertility
    4. Well Being
    5. Health
  22. The price of gold: dowry and death in India

    Sonia Bhalotra, Abhishek Chakravarty, and Selim Gulesci

    1. Economics
    2. Family Formation And Dissolution
    3. Childbearing: Fertility
    4. Savings And Assets
  23. Path-breakers? Women’s electoral success and future political participation

    Sonia Bhalotra, Irma Clots-Figueras, and Lakshmi Iyer

  24. HIV/AIDS-related expectations and risky sexual behaviour in Malawi

    Adeline Delavande and Hans-Peter Kohler

    1. Public Policy
    2. Health
    3. Surveys
    4. Social Behaviour
  25. Gender, ethnicity and household labour in married and cohabiting couples in the UK

     Man Yee Kan and Heather Laurie

    1. Ethnic Groups
    2. Sociology Of Households
  26. Labour market disadvantage of ethnic minority British graduates: university choice, parental background or neighbourhood?

    Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi

    1. Labour Market
    2. Wages And Earnings
    3. Ethnic Groups
    4. Higher Education
  27. Topic briefing: Housing

    Ricky Kanabar and Nicole Martin

    1. Public Policy
    2. Household Economics
    3. Housing Market
  28. Fiscal sustainability and demographic change: a micro approach for 27 EU countries

    Mathias Dolls, Karina Doorley, Alari Paulus, et al.

    1. Pensions
    2. Demography
    3. Labour Market
    4. Economics
    5. Microsimulation
    6. Finance

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