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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Adverse Birth Outcomes, Maternal Prenatal Behavior and their Social Context

    David J. Pevalin, Terrance Wade, Augustine Brannigan, et al.

  2. The UK's New Socio-economic Classification and Its Relationship to Health Inequalities

    David J. Pevalin and David Rose

  3. The Emergence of Gender Differences in Depression during Adolescence: national panel results from the USA, Canada and Great Britain

    Terrance Wade, John Cairney, and David J. Pevalin

  4. Are Business Surveys Useful to Predict Firm Mortality?

    Cheti Nicoletti

  5. From the dark end of the street to the bright side of the road? Investigating the returns to residential mobility in Britain -conference paper-

    René Böheim

  6. Why are child poverty rates higher in Britain than Germany? a longitudinal perspective -conference paper-

    Stephen P. Jenkins

  7. Exits from unemployment spells in Germany and the United Kingdom: a cross-national comparison (1990-1996)

    Lutz C. Kaiser

  8. Psychiatric morbidity and non-ignorable attrition from the British Household Panel Study

    Andrew McCulloch

  9. Job search methods, intensity and success in Britain in the 1990s

    Mark P. Taylor

  10. Bathing - A Submerged Subject - Why Some Personal Care Activity is Missing in Time Diary Data

    Kimberly Fisher and Julia Twigg

  11. Service Regimes and the Political Economy of Time

    Jonathan Gershuny

  12. Disability, Work and Income: a British perspective

    Elena Bardasi, Stephen P. Jenkins, and John Rigg

  13. An Initial Exploration of the Employment Conditions of Full-Time and Part-Time Workers Using the Revised NS-SEC

    Kimberly Fisher

  14. Criterion Validity and Occupational Classification: the seven economic relations and the NS-SEC

    Anthony Coxon and Kimberly Fisher

  15. Structure Versus Process in Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior: examining data from Canada and the US

    Augustine Brannigan, David J. Pevalin, and Terrance Wade

  16. Disability, Work and Income: a British perspective

    Elena Bardasi, Stephen P. Jenkins, and John Rigg

  17. Exits from Unemployment - A Cross-National Comparison for East/West Germany and the United Kingdom in the 1990s

    Lutz Kaiser and Thomas Siedler

  18. 'Don't Ask Me Nothin' About Nothin', I Just Might Tell You the Truth' The Interaction Between Unit Non-response and Item Non-response

    Jonathan Burton and Heather Laurie

  19. The Effects of Extended Interviewer Efforts on Nonresponse Bias

    Peter Lynn, Paul Clarke, Jean Martin, et al.

  20. The Role of Time Diaries in Measuring the Outcomes of Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

    Kimberly Fisher

  21. Psychological Benefits of 'Getting to Grips With MS' Courses

    Giles Elrington, Kimberly Fisher, and John Stevens

  22. From PAPI to CAPI while staying happy: the case of the British Household Panel Study

    Randy Banks and Heather Laurie

    1. Households
    2. Survey Methodology
  23. Effetti sull'archivio ASIA di una semplificazione dell'indagine short form

    Cheti Nicoletti

  24. How Important is Income Under-reporting for the Analysis of Income Inequality?

    John Rigg

  25. Una rilettura delle definizioni di irrilevanza del meccanismo di selezione per modelli dinamici di regressione per dati panel

    Cheti Nicoletti

  26. Il problema delle mancate risposte in modelli dinamici per dati panel: stima di un'equazione di investimento per un panel di società italiane

    Cheti Nicoletti

  27. Ethnic Minority Women's Poverty and Economic Well-Being

    Alita Nandi and Lucinda Platt

  28. Using qualitative and quantitative methods to develop ethnic identity questions in the UK

    Alita Nandi and Lucinda Platt

  29. The impact of mobile phones on survey measurement error

    Peter Lynn and Olena Kaminska

  30. Explaining differences in job search outcomes between employed and unemployed job seekers

    Simonetta Longhi and Mark P. Taylor

    1. Labour Market
    2. Unemployment

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