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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Operator-weighted composition operators on vector-valued analytic function spaces

    Jussi Laitila and Hans-Olav Tylli

  2. Contraceptive use and contraception type in women by Body Mass Index category

    Stephanie L. McFall and A Schraudenbach

  3. Age trajectories of quality of life among the older: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

    Paola Zaninotto, Emanuela Falaschetti, and Amanda Sacker

  4. Composition operators from weak to strong spaces of vector-valued analytic functions

    Jussi Laitila, Hans-Olav Tylli, and Maofa Wang

  5. Prostate-specific antigen tests and lack of follow-up in the U.S.

    Stephanie L. McFall and D Smith

  6. Towards a multi purpose framework for tax-benefit microsimulation: Lessons learned from EUROMOD

    Herwig Immervoll and Cathal O'Donoghue

  7. Comment on Krueger and Colleagues' National Time Accounts

    Jonathan Gershuny

  8. Veblen in Reverse: Evidence from the Multinational Time-Use Archive

    Jonathan Gershuny

  9. Trends in Free Time with a Partner: A Transformation of Intimacy?

    Jonathan Gershuny, Marieke Voorpostel, and Tanja van der Lippe

  10. Effects of flat tax reforms in Western Europe

    Alari Paulus and Andreas Peichl

  11. The potential of a multi-mode data collection design to reduce non response bias. The case of a survey of employers

    Emanuela Sala and Peter Lynn

  12. Failing to keep up? The long-term effects of current benefit and tax uprating policies

    Holly Sutherland, Ruth Hancock, John Hills, et al.

    1. Welfare Benefits
    2. Taxation
  13. Calibrating stylised time estimates using UK diary data

     Man Yee Kan and Jonathan Gershuny

  14. Cross-national comparative research with longitudinal data: research into youth poverty

    Maria Iacovou

    1. Young People
    2. Poverty
    3. Social Policy
  15. The dynamics of job creation and destruction for university graduates: why a rising unemployment rate can be misleading

    Ana Rute Cardoso and Priscila Ferreira

    1. Education
    2. Labour Market
  16. Social influences on trajectories of self-rated health: a comparative study of four OECD countries

    Amanda Sacker, Diana Worts, and Peggy McDonough

  17. Friendship ties and geographical mobility: evidence from Great Britain

    Michèle Belot and John Ermisch

    1. Social Groups
    2. Regional Economics
    3. Social Capital
  18. The rising share of non-marital births: is it only compositional effects?

    John Ermisch

  19. Paths to literacy and numeracy problems: evidence from two British birth cohorts

    Marcus Richards, Christine Power, and Amanda Sacker

  20. Light drinking in pregnancy, a risk for behavioural problems and cognitive deficits at 3 years of age?

    Yvonne Kelly, Amanda Sacker, Ron Gray, et al.

    1. Drug/Alcohol Abuse
    2. Child Development
    3. Health
  21. Infant feeding, solid foods and hospitalisation in the first 8 months after birth

    Maria A. Quigley, Yvonne Kelly, and Amanda Sacker

  22. Measuring people's trust

    John Ermisch, Diego Gambetta, Heather Laurie, et al.

    1. Social Capital
    2. Social Attitudes
  23. Ageing, income and living standards: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey

    Richard Berthoud, Morten Blekesaune, and Ruth Hancock

    1. Older People
    2. Pensions
    3. Income Dynamics
  24. Social inequality in physical and mental health comorbidity dynamics

    Amanda Sacker, Jenny Head, David Gimeno, et al.

  25. Repartnering in the United Kingdom and Australia

    Alexandra J. Skew, Ann Evans, and Edith Gray

    1. Family Formation And Dissolution
    2. Life Course Analysis
  26. Social activity, social isolation and ethnicity

    Lucinda Platt

    1. Social Exclusion
    2. Ethnic Groups
  27. Are there asymmetries in the effects of training on the conditional male wage distribution

    Wiji Arulampalam, Alison L. Booth, and Mark L. Bryan

  28. Patterns of non-employment, and of disadvantage, in a recession

    Richard Berthoud

    1. Unemployment
    2. Economics
  29. Distributionally-sensitive inequality indices and the GB2 income distribution

    Stephen P. Jenkins

  30. Subjective expectations in the context of HIV/AIDS in Malawi test

    Adeline Delavande and Hans-Peter Kohler

    1. Demography
    2. Health

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