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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. The ideas interview: Liz Spencer

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  2. The ideas interview: Liz Spencer

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  3. How to choose your inner circle: with friends like these...

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  4. How to choose your inner circle: with friends like these...

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  5. Explorations: the status of women economists

    Joyce P. Jacobsen, Roberta Edgecombe Robb, Jonathan Burton, et al.

    1. Labour Market
    2. Economics
    3. Higher Education
  6. Decompostion of Contact and Co-Operation Rate Differences

    Cheti Nicoletti

  7. Respondent Incentives in a Multi-Mode Panel Survey: Cumulative Effects on Non-Response and Bias

    Annette Jäckle and Peter Lynn

  8. Surveys conference

  9. Survey experts at Uni.

  10. The Use of Respondent Incentives on Longitudinal Surveys

    Heather Laurie and Peter Lynn

  11. The Employment Rates of Disabled People

    Richard Berthoud

  12. Are the Responses to Survey Questions on Well-being Dynamically Consistent? Vector ARMA Modelling in a Short Panel with Ordinal Observation

    Stephen Pudney

  13. Microsimulating Child Poverty in 2010 and 2020

    Mike Brewer, James Browne, and Holly Sutherland

  14. Overqualification and Career

    Simonetta Longhi and Malcolm Brynin

  15. Development of the Light Time Use Diary

    Kimberly Fisher and Michael Bittman

  16. Parental Unemployment and Young People's Right-Wing Extremism: evidence from Germany

    Thomas Siedler

  17. Youth Poverty After Leaving Home in Southern European Countries: does parental income matter?

    Lavinia Parisi

  18. Cross-National Differences in Determinants of Multiple Deprivation in Europe

    Francesco Figari

  19. Non-Pecuniary Returns to Higher Education: the effect on smoking intensity in the UK

    Alfonso Miranda

  20. The effects of income imputation on micro analyses: evidence from the ECHP

    Cheti Nicoletti and Franco Peracchi

  21. People's trust: the design of a survey-based experiment

    John Ermisch and Diego Gambetta

  22. Friendship ties and geographical mobility: evidence from the BHPS

    Michèle Belot and John Ermisch

    1. Social Groups
    2. Regional Economics
    3. Social Capital
  23. Dependent interviewing: a framework and application to current research

    Annette Jäckle

  24. Does democracy foster trust?

    Helmut Rainer and Thomas Siedler

    1. Politics
    2. Social Behaviour
  25. Social norms and household time allocation

    Cristina Fernandez and Almudena Sevilla-Sanz

  26. Do wages compensate for anticipated working time restrictions? Evidence from seasonal employment in Austria

    Emilia Del Bono and Andrea Weber

  27. Comparisons of income mobility profiles

    Philippe Van Kerm

  28. Income mis-measurement and the estimation of poverty rates: an analysis of income poverty in Albania

    Stephen Pudney and Francesca Francavilla

  29. State dependence and causal feedback of poverty and fertility in Ethiopia

    Arnstein Aassve, Abbi Kedir, and Habtu Tadesse Weldegebriel

  30. Trends in income inequality, pro-poor income growth and income mobility

    Stephen P. Jenkins and Philippe Van Kerm

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