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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Variance Estimation for Generalised Entropy and Atkinson Inequality Indices

    Stephen P. Jenkins

  2. Methodological Advances on the ESS: A Mixed-Mode Future?

    Peter Lynn and Caroline Roberts

  3. A New Method for Sample Designs with Disproportionate Stratification

    Peter Lynn

  4. Summarising Multiple Deprivation Indicators

    Lorenzo Cappellari and Stephen P. Jenkins

  5. Intergenerational Earnings Mobility: changes across cohorts in Britain

    John Ermisch and Cheti Nicoletti

  6. Le differenze nel ritardo alla maternita nei Paesi Europei [Motherhood Postponement in Europe]

    Maria Tanturri and Cheti Nicoletti

  7. Parental Background and College Drop-Out. Evidence from Italy

    Carmen Aina

  8. The workplace in the formation of social capital and its spillover effects. An application to the Spanish case

    Álvaro Martínez Pérez

  9. Marriage and Wages: A Test of the Specialisation Hypothesis

    Elena Bardasi and Mark P. Taylor

  10. The Impact of Dependent Interviewing on Measurement Error in Panel Surveys

    Peter Lynn

  11. The Digital Divide - where's the beef?

    Ben Anderson

  12. Age Variations in Deprivation Indicators

    Richard Berthoud and Ruth Hancock

  13. Longitudinal Approaches to Ill-Health: measurement and outcomes

    Richard Berthoud

  14. The Dynamics of Unhealthy Housing in the UK: A Panel Analysis

    David J. Pevalin and Mark P. Taylor

  15. A Comparison of Unexplained Racial Disparities in Bank Level and Market Level Models of Mortgage Lending

    McKinley Blackburn

  16. An Analysis of the Household Characteristics of Minimum Wage Recipients

    Mark L. Bryan and Mark P. Taylor

  17. Harder Time for Heirs? Social Background and Income in France, 1970-2000

    Nicolas Pistolesi

  18. EUROMOD: an integrated European tax-benefit model and indicators of work incentives

    Herwig Immervoll and Holly Sutherland

  19. Does Access Matter? Assessing the Regional Diversity of Access to ICT (Information and Computer Technology) and Poverty in England

    Katja Mueller

  20. Modelling Low Pay Transitions Accounting for Panel Attrition, Non-Response and Initial Conditions

    Stephen P. Jenkins and Lorenzo Cappellari

  21. What's Special about Cross-National Surveys?

    Peter Lynn, Lilli Japec, and Lars Lyberg

  22. The Dynamics of Deprivation: the relationship between income and material deprivation over time

    Richard Berthoud, Mark L. Bryan, and Elena Bardasi

  23. Differences in Delaying Motherhood across European Countries: empirical evidence from the ECHP

    Cheti Nicoletti and Maria Tanturri

  24. Generations of Decline: religion in Britain

    Alasdair Crockett and David Voas

  25. Panel Data Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities

    Nick Buck

  26. Analysing Attitudinal Data in Panels - the BHPS financial well-being questions

    Stephen Pudney

  27. Modelling Low Pay Transitions Accounting for Panel Attrition, Non-Response and Initial Conditions

    Stephen P. Jenkins and Lorenzo Cappellari

  28. Minorities, Mobility and Missing Data: findings and issues from a study of intergenerational social mobility

    Lucinda Platt

  29. The Impact of Income Support on Divorced Fathers' Contact with their Children

    John Ermisch

  30. Methods for Summarizing and Comparing Wealth Distributions

    Stephen P. Jenkins and Markus Jäntti

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