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ISER has an enviable publications record in top academic journals and regularly presents its work at key conferences and policy events in the UK and around the world. It is also frequently commissioned to produce reports and papers for Government Departments, think tanks, charities and businesses and its important work is frequently featured in the media. You can search all of ISER’s outputs including by area of interest and author.

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  1. Friendship: what makes a good friend?

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  2. More than friends; just good... lovers; Some couples spend years as platonic friends before suddenly deciding to get it together. A recipe for disaster - or a long and happy marriage?

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  3. Interview with Ray Pahl on 'Jealousy and Friendship'

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  4. Interview with Ray Pahl on 'National Stereotypes'

    Ray Pahl

  5. Growing Inequality: Do People Know What is Going On?

    Ray Pahl

  6. Does Inequality Matter

    Ray Pahl

  7. Hertfordshire Commuter Villages: From Geography to Sociology

    Ray Pahl

  8. Interview with Ray Pahl on 'Social Status'

    David Rose, Liz Spencer, and Ray Pahl

  9. Does Inequality Matter

    Ray Pahl

  10. Measuring Poverty: Comparisons over Time and Place

    Richard Berthoud and Ray Pahl

  11. Have Personal Communities Replaced Geographical Communities?

    Ray Pahl

  12. Have personal communities replaced geographical communities?

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  13. Facing up to the future

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

  14. Is Gentrification Really Colonization? Unpacking an Urban Myth

    Ray Pahl

  15. Are you on facebook? And is it ruining your life?

    Ray Pahl and Liz Spencer

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