Teacher diversity in England 2010 – 2021

Publication type

Research Paper


Publication date

June 15, 2022


Using the latest data from the School Workforce Census (SWC) we analyse the trends in the diversity of the school workforce in state funded schools in England since the 2010 public sector pay freeze. We find that the number of male teachers has fallen, and that 24.1 percent of schools do not have a male classroom teacher. Furthermore, 46.5 percent of schools do not have a male senior leader. The number of teachers from an ethnic minority background has increased year on year but the rate of change is slow and further work needs to be done before the school workforce is representative of the pupils they teach. 60 percent of schools do not have a teacher from an ethnic minority background while 87.8 percent do not have an ethic minority senior leader.



- https://www.researchgate.net/publication/363891993_Teacher_Diversity_in_England_2010_-_2021


Institute for Social and Economic Research referred to as source in Westminster Hall ‘Male Primary School Teachers’ debate (Column 297WH). Reference: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons (2022) 'Parliamentary debates (Hansard). House of Commons official report volume 722: number 72 (16 November, 2022)'. [London]: Parliamentary copyright House of Commons.

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