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BOOST2018, the ground-breaking study of student life

Welcome to the home page of BOOST2018, the ground-breaking study of student life.

BOOST2018 is a study undertaken by researchers at the University of Essex to better understand students’ life at university students, the issues they may face in their daily life, their aspirations, expectations, attitudes, and their outcomes.

The project is now in its third year, with 8 waves of data collection, both online and in the ESSEXLab social science laboratory, having already been completed, achieving over 1000 responses on every occasion.

There are at least two further online waves coming up in the third year, with an additional series of lab sessions subject to obtaining further funding. Among other questions, we will be seeking students’ consent to follow them into their postgraduate careers or the labour market, with further surveys or with linkage to administrative records on their subsequent educational and labour market outcomes.

To find out more about what we hope to achieve using future survey answers or administrative data linkage, to review what has been consented to, or get in touch with the team, look at the information for participants below:

Information on consent to administrative data linkage

Information on consent to future surveys

Use this link to review your consents to being contacted after June 2018, or to adding data from records held by other organisations.

Use this link to check if you are eligible to enrol in BOOST – this closes on 6th January 2018!

Keep up to date by viewing our Twitter feed (see right), Facebook page, or get in touch at, or calling 01206 872 605.

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