Health and Gender: Global and Economic Perspectives – MiSoC conference supported by the Newton Fund – 23/24 September

Professor Sonia Bhalotra has organised a conference on Health and Gender: Global and Economic Perspectives supported by the Newton Fund and the ESRC Centre for Research on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) at the University of Essex on September 23-24.

Presentations include

  • Marianne Bitler (UC Davis), Keynote, Experimental Evidence on Distributional Effects of Head Start
  • Charlotte Watt (LSHTM and DFID)
    Gender Inequality and Intimate Partner Violence: Global perspectives
  • Sonia Bhalotra (Essex)
    Does Universalization of Health Work? Evidence from health systems restructuring and maternal health in Brazil
  • Paul Hunt (Essex – Law and Human Rights) Brazil’s Family Health Program and Human Rights
  • Damian Clarke (Santiago, Chile)
    Maternal Mortality and the Status of Women
  • Libertad Gonzales (UPF Barcelona)
    The Effects of Abortion Legalization on Fertility, Marriage, and Long-term Outcomes for Women
  • Vellore Arthi (Essex) Infant Nutrition and Children’s Growth and Mortality: Evidence from London’s Foundling Hospital, 1892 – 1919
  • Hanna Muhlrad (Stockholm) Fertility and Women’s Labour Supply: Evidence from IVF reform in Sweden
  • Mircea Trandafir (University of Southern Denmark) Heterogeneous Effects of Medical Interventions on the Health of Low-Risk Newborns
  • Casper Hansen (Copenhagen) Preventing the White Death: Tuberculosis dispensaries
  • Alison Andrew (IFS) Demand-Side Financing and Perinatal Mortality: Evidence from India
  • Farah Said (Lahore School of Economics) Gender and Agency within the Household: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

Download the detailed programme here

To register please email Janice Webb


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