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Frequently asked questions

Q. I know what I’d like to study but I don’t know whether appropriate data are available. How can I check this?

A. Check the catalogue of the UK data archive

Q. I’ve checked, and there are no survey data relevant to the area I want to study. Can I base my PhD on data I have collected myself?

A. If you are proposing research in experimental economics, this would not be a problem. If you want to collect primary data, you need to ensure that you could still complete your PhD in the 3 year timeline. Generally, we advise students not to propose a programme of research based primarily on data they have collected themselves.</p>

Q. Can I come to ISER to write a thesis based on qualitative analysis?

A. If your proposal involves mainly qualitative research, you should apply to another department. However, a number of our students include a small component of qualitative research, and we would certainly consider this sort of application.


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