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Dr Jonathan Burton Associate Director, Surveys, University of Essex

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Curriculum vitae


Jonathan Burton is the Understanding Society Associate Director, Surveys and is responsible for the management of the survey.

Research Interests

  • Survey methods, particularly survey participation, willingess to consent to data linkage, use of technology and mobile devices in surveys, and mixed-mode studies.

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Latest Blog Posts


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    1. Overview of open access European survey data 3: the UK Household Longitudinal Study

      Jonathan Burton

    2. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 9: results from methodological experiments

      Michaela Benzeval, Annamaria Bianchi, Mike Brewer, et al.

    3. Using an App to collect detailed expenditure data in a probability household panel survey: response rates, response biases and measurement quality

      Annette Jäckle, Carli Lessof, Jonathan Burton, et al.

      1. Information And Communication Technologies
      2. Survey Methodology
    4. Fieldwork experiments to boost web response

      Jonathan Burton

    5. Results for web/face-to-face linkage consent questions in the Innovation Panel

      Jonathan Burton

    6. Do interviewers’ attitudes towards sharing personal information affect the consent rate they achieve?

      Jonathan Burton and Tarek Al Baghal

    7. Full house: trying to encourage whole-household web-completion

      Jonathan Burton

    8. Understanding Society Innovation Panel Wave 7: Results from Methodological Experiments

      Annelies G. Blom, Jonathan Burton, Cara L. Booker, et al.

    9. Going online with a face-to-face household panel: effects of a mixed mode design on item and unit non-response

      Annette Jäckle, Peter Lynn, and Jonathan Burton

      1. Information And Communication Technologies
      2. Survey Methodology
    10. Mixed modes data collection

      Jonathan Burton

    11. The feasibility of conducting a Universal Credit panel survey

      Heather Laurie, Nick Buck, Jonathan Burton, et al.

      1. Public Policy
      2. Welfare Benefits
      3. Government
      4. Survey Methodology
      5. Research
    12. Linking administrative records to surveys: differences in the correlates to consent decisions

      Tarek Al Baghal, Gundi Knies, and Jonathan Burton

      1. Education
      2. Survey Methodology
      3. Health
    13. Analysis of four studies in a comparative framework reveals: health linkage consent rates on British cohort studies higher than on UK household panel surveys

      Gundi Knies and Jonathan Burton

      1. Survey Methodology
      2. Health
    14. Propensity to consent to data linkage: experimental evidence on the role of three survey design features in a UK longitudinal panel

      Emanuela Sala, Gundi Knies, and Jonathan Burton

    15. Exploring role of interviewers in collecting survey respondents’ consent to link survey data to administrative records.

      Jonathan Burton, Emanuela Sala, and Gundi Knies


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    1. Reports outline ethnic research from University of Essex

    2. Reports outline ethnic research from University of Essex

    3. Equality slowly added to field of economics

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