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Emilia Del Bono Director of MiSoC, University of Essex

Emilia del bono
01206 873569
Curriculum vitae

My current research agenda is focused on the nature, causes, and consequences of disparities in childrens human capital that lead to inequalities later on in life. This research revolves around three broad themes. The first concerns the extent to which maternal health behaviours shape the health and cognitive endowment of children, as well as the effect of differences in early health endowments on later outcomes. The second theme is related to the way in which differences in educational opportunities affect later educational attainment, labour market outcomes, and long-term life chances. The third theme is concerned with the analysis of the effects of parenting, and in particular maternal time inputs, on childrens cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes. My wider research interests also include work on family dynamics, fertility, and gender issues.

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    1. Student preferences over fees, grants and loans

      Adeline Delavande, Emilia Del Bono, and Angus Holford

      1. Economics
      2. Public Policy
      3. Debt: Indebtedness
      4. Finance
      5. Higher Education
    2. What explains ethnic and SES gaps in degree class and dropout?

      Emilia Del Bono and Angus Holford

      1. Ethnic Groups
      2. Social Stratification
      3. Higher Education
    3. Student preferences over fees, grants and loans

      Adeline Delavande, Emilia Del Bono, and Angus Holford

      1. Debt: Indebtedness
      2. Finance
      3. Higher Education
    4. Evaluating a demand-side approach to expanding free preschool education

      J. Blanden, Emilia Del Bono, K. Hansen, et al.

      1. Education
      2. Child Development
      3. Public Policy
      4. Caregiving
    5. Licensing and regulation of the cannabis market in England and Wales: towards a cost-benefit analysis

      Mark L. Bryan, Emilia Del Bono, and Stephen Pudney

      1. Law And Legislation
      2. Economics


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    12. Benefits of free nursery education 'not lasting'

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    14. Free childcare for 3-year-olds: no long term benefits for child development

    15. Research questions value of free childcare for three-year-olds

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