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Migration challenges in the UK at the dawn of Brexit - launch of the Centre for Migration Studies annual academic workshop

Presented by: Liliana Harding, UEA TBC, Alexandra Xanthaki, Brunel University London TBC, Caleb Kwong, University of Essex Michaela Benson and Chantelle Lewis, Goldsmiths Renee Luthra, University of Essex Neli Demireva, University of Essex, UK Gina Netto, Heriot Watt University Paul Statham, University of Sussex

Venue: University of Essex, Lakeview Room (SSC.2.12), 2nd Floor, Silberrad Student Centre, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ

MiSoC workshop on the economics of Higher Education

Presented by: Keynotes: Peter Arcidiacono (Duke University), Todd Stinebrickner (Western University) Speakers from the universities of Zurich, Uppsala, Royal Holloway, Utah, Purdue, Essex & Oslo.

Venue: ISER, University of Essex

What makes children unhappy? New research findings

Presented by: Dr Gundi Knies, Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex Dr Gill Main, University of Leeds Larissa Pople, The Children’s Society

Venue: Westminster Suite, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ

Ethnic minorities and the British political system: new research on engagement and representation

Presented by: Dr Nicole Martin (University of Essex) - Ethnic Minority Voters in 2015: A Breakthrough for the Conservative Party? Dr Maria Sobolewska (University of Manchester) – Which ethnic minority candidates represent the views of ethnic minority constituents, and why? Dr Rebecca McKee (University of Manchester) - How MPs respond to their ethnic minority constituents. Substantive Representation of Ethnic Minorities in the UK Parliament

Venue: Council Chamber, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ

MiSoC Workshop: Emerging Questions in Migration Studies

Presented by: Neema Begum - Bristol, James Laurence – Manchester, David Bartram – Leicester, Silvia Galandini – Manchester, David Voas – IoE, Merlin Schaeffer – Cologne, Germany, Sarah Carol – Cologne, Germany, Hector Cebolla Boado – Madrid, Spain,

Venue: University of Essex

Childcare policy, maternal employment, and the UK policy debate: examining the evidence

Presented by: Stefan Bauernschuster, Professor of Economics at the Universitat Passau (Germany) Elizabeth Cascio, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth University (US) Sarah Cattan, Senior Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies Gillian Paull, Senior Associate, Frontier Economics Natalie Perera, Head of Research, Education Policy Institute

Venue: Church House Conference Centre - Dean's Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ

Essex Applied Micro Workshop

Presented by: Steve Pudney, Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Friederike Mengel, Sule Alan, Patrick Nolen, Emilia Del Bono, Carlos Tudela, Birgitta Rabe, Angus Holford, Matthias Parey, Christoph Siemroth

Venue: Large Seminar Room, SSRC Building (ISER)

Attendance Allowance - the evidence and the options for local government

Presented by: * Neil Coyle MP, Work and Pensions Committee * Professor Ruth Hancock, University of East Anglia * Professor Stephen Pudney, University of Essex * James Lloyd, Director, Strategic Society Centre * Simon Bottery, Director of Policy and External Relations, Independent Age

Venue: Houses of Parliament

Child Poverty and Social Mobility: Lessons for Research and Policy

Presented by: Marianne Bruins, University of Oxford: TANF, Childcare and Child Welfare in Sole Parent Families; Rod Hick, University of Cardiff: The rise of in-work poverty in the UK, Cara Booker, University of Essex, Birgitta Rabe, University of Essex: The impact of part-time vs. full-time child care on mothers' labour supply: evidence from England (with Mike Brewer, Sarah Cattan and Claire Crawford), Almudena Sevilla, Queen Mary University of London, Abigail McKnight, London School of Economics

Venue: ISER

Improving the measurement of household finances

Presented by: Thomas Crossley – Department of Economics, University of Essex, Mike Brewer, Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), MiSoC, University of Essex, Paul Fisher – ISER, University of Essex, Jim Ziliak – University of Kentucky & UCL, Jon Burton – ISER, University of Essex, Steve Pudney – ISER, University of Essex, Richard Tonkin – Office for National Statistics, Pierre Lamarche – Eurostat, Arie Kapteyn – University of Southern California, Annette Jäckle – ISER, University of Essex, Sebastien Perez-Duarte – ECB and HCFN, Joachim Winter – University of Munich

Venue: ISER Large Seminar Room, University of Essex Colchester campus

MiSoC workshop: Education and the Development of Preferences and Attitudes in Children/Adolescents

Presented by: Presented by: Matthias Sutter (University of Innsbruck), Ragan Petrie (George Mason University), Elif Kubilay (Koc University, Istanbul), Marco Castillo (George Mason University), Sonia Bhalotra (ISER, University of Essex), Daniel Schuck (JGU Mainz), Sarah Cattan (Institute for Fiscal Studies), Armin Falk (University of Bonn), Sule Alan (University of Essex).

Venue: Large Seminar room, 2N2.4.16 ISER building, Colchester Campus

MiSoC Newton Fund Workshop on Health and Skills Formation

Presented by: Eric Schneider (LSE), Sonia Bhalotra, (Essex), Sarah Cattan (IFS London), Pietro Biroli (Zurich), James Fenske (Oxford), Alessandro Tarozzi (Pompeu Fabra), Liang Bai (Edinburgh)

Venue: ISER Large Seminar Room, University of Essex Colchester campus

ESRC Festival of Social Science event: Measuring living standards: poverty, dynamics, persistence.

Presented by: Professor Mike Brewer, Professor Stephen Pudney and Professor Stephen Jenkins will present new research. Panellists include Trevor Huddleston, Chief Analyst at Department of Work and Pensions, Melanie Pitt from HM Treasury, Katie Schmuecker from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Matthew Whittaker from The Resolution Foundation and the event will be chaired by Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group.

Venue: BIS - I Victoria Street, Westminster

MiSoC workshop on Family Economics

Presented by: Keynote speakers: Kjell Salvanes (Norwegian Business School) and Michael Keane (Oxford). Other presenters include: Dan Anderberg (Royal Holloway), Marianne Bruins (Oxford), Adeline Delavande (Essex), Rita Ginja (Uppsala), Jonathan James (Bath), Sonia Bhalotra (Essex), Valerie Lechene (UCL), Emma Tominey (York), Angus Holford (Essex), Martin Palme (Stockholm)

Venue: University of Essex

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