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Wave 11 Record Types

Select a record name from the following list to view its constituent variables:

Record Type Description
KHHSAMP Contains household-level data for issued households
KINDSAMP Contains individual-level data for issued households
KINDALL Contains enumerated individuals' data
KHHRESP Contains household-level data for respondent households
KINDRESP Contains individual-level data for respondents
KJOBHIST Contains information from the employment history
KINCOME Contains income and payment data
KEGOALT Provides a mechanism for identifying the relationship of each individual in a household to all others
KYOUTH Contains the responses to the Young persons questionnaire
KMARRIAG Contains one record for each reported legal marriage
KCOHABIT Contains data about each cohabitation spell outside legal marriage
KCHILDAD Contains information about adopted and/or step-children
KCHILDNT Contains information about natural children
KLIFEMST Contains information about employment status spells