Longitudinal resources

The UK Longitudinal Studies Centre (ULSC) makes available a number of different products and services to increase access to longitudinal data resources and are continually working to improve and extend them. For example, the BHPS user database and documentation are specifically designed to assist data users to manage the inherent complexity of a long-term household panel study. The resources available to aid researchers and users of longitudinal data include:

Keeping Track – A Guide to Longitudinal Resources

Developed as a joint project with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this was a database of all longitudinal studies in the UK and abroad. It gave details of the study design, sample size, dates of data collection, content and coverage and data availability.

Access to our longitudinal studies

The data that we have collected for the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) and Understanding Society is available through the Economic and Social Data Service and support for users is also available.

  • ISER’s Research Library contains an extensive holding of books and journals relevant to longitudinal data collection and analysis, and specialises in cataloguing the so-called “grey literature,” i.e., unpublished research materials, on these subjects. The Research Library’s catalogue is available to researchers
  • ISER Publications and Working Papers are all detailed online, with many available to download.