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Taking the Long View 2018: annual review of ISER's current research published

Ttlv 2018

Taking the Long View, ISER’s annual review of highlights from current research projects, has just been published.

Taking the Long View 2018 is available online or by post. Please contact us for a copy.

The featured work reflects ISER’s expertise in micro-social research and in microsimulation alongside work with the rich data available from Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study led by ISER.

Articles include:

  • The impact of racial harassment on mental health
  • Understanding young women out of work
  • What do we do when the robots take our jobs?
  • Time to wait? Infertility and genetics
  • Beyond Shelter - housing and health
  • Who drops out of university and why?
  • What stops deaths in childbirth?
  • Who listens to health messaging?
  • Testing the idea of Basic Income
  • The cutting edge science of survey methodology
  • Too many gaps in UK pay
  • New technology and data collection